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Prep supports sustainable palm oil production through GreenPalm.

The Prep brand supports the production of sustainable palm oil through the GreenPalm programme.

This means that for every tonne of palm oil we use in the production of Prep branded products we have paid a voluntary premium to a palm oil producer which is operating within the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil’s (RSPO) strict guidelines for social and environmental responsibility.

Without paying a premium, it is never possible to know if palm oil has been sustainably produced for it comes from multiple plantations from all over the world and is intermingled at each stage.

To obtain actual sustainable palm, it would need to be segregated throughout the supply chain which could be extremely costly.

The GreenPalm programme works by bypassing the physical supply chain completely.

Palm oil producers which have gained RSPO certification are invited to register a quantity of their output with the GreenPalm programme. They are awarded one GreenPalm certificate for each tonne of oil which has been sustainably produced and they can then put those certificates up for sale on the GreenPalm web based trading platform.

Manufacturers or retailers of products containing palm oil or palm kernel oil can then bid for and buy those certificates on line, in order to support the production of sustainable oil.

Our customers can therefore be reassured that in continuing to buy Prep they are making an environmentally and socially responsible purchasing decision.

GreenPalm and the Prep brand hopes of course that eventually all palm oil will be produced sustainably, but until then the GreenPalm programme is enabling us to do something practical to support sustainable production practices.

Visit www.greenpalm.org for more information and www.rspo.org

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